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Jan 10, 2004

i deleted my other blogs beens i didnt want some people to read it so here kinda a new blog with the same name..... umm today i dont nothing cuz we got snowed out so there was no school today.. umm i called my best friend from where i used to live and we called his gurlfriend shes awsome... my other best friend jack i think might let me bowwor his bass so i can learn with that up and untill i get mine*bc rich beast bass yeea* umm i really want to join malice and the only 2 members as of now want me to join bad and i allready wanted to learn how to play the bass so im goin g to start talking lessons and try to learn as much as i can in the shortest amount of time as possible.. any and all hepl in learning how to play would be appreceated.. anyway
my cat is going crazy i think that it might want out of my room cuz it was asleep. his name is yoda but we call him yodie or master yodie whatever comes to mind hes a great cot i love him to death but anyway.... i gues thats aobut it i suposse ill talk to you all later..........

Posted at 06:19 am by urithane_Acid
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